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Rui Jieming

Benjamin L. Read

Associate Professor

Politics Department

Merrill Faculty Services

1156 High Street

University of California, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA 95064

office: 831-459-4469

email: bread (at) ucsc (dot) edu


Office hours: Will resume after September 24, 2017.

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Full overview of my work on local organizations in China and Taiwan, and on field research methods; articles and book chapters listed by topic with links to full text [link]


Field Research in Political Science: Practices and Principles

coauthored with Diana Kapiszewski and Lauren M. MacLean, Cambridge University Press 2015

[abstract] [publisher's page] [Google books] [Amazon page] [project site]

Roots of the State: Neighborhood Organization and Social Networks in Beijing and Taipei

Stanford University Press 2012

[abstract] [publisher's page] [Google books] [Amazon page]

Local Organizations and Urban Governance in East and Southeast Asia: Straddling State and Society

edited with Robert Pekkanen, Routledge 2009

[abstract] [publisher's page] [Google books] [Amazon page]


Interviews, essays, book reviews, and other projects [link]


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research sources on comparative and international politics

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Future: (see below for previous syllabi)

In the 2017-18 academic year I expect to teach: Poli 141, Politics of China (fall); Poli 190t, Governance and Conflict in East Asia (winter); and Poli 140d, Politics of East Asia (spring).


Poli 141, Politics of China, Spring 2017 [syllabus]


Poli 60, Comparative Politics of the Developing World, Winter 2014 [syllabus]

Poli 140d, Politics of East Asia, Winter 2016 [syllabus]

Poli 161, Foreign Relations of China, Winter 2017 [syllabus] [Korean Peninsula timeline]

Poli 190t, Governance and Conflict in East Asia, Spring 2012 [syllabus]

Poli 200b, Social Forces and Political Change, graduate seminar, Winter 2015 [syllabus]

Poli 210, Problems of Democracy in Comparative Perspective, graduate seminar, Spring 2016 [syllabus]

Poli 261, Key Issues in Contemporary Chinese Politics, graduate seminar, Spring 2014 [syllabus]


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