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  Campus Provost / EVC
  Academic Senate

Academic Units under EVC

  Academic Affairs
  Global Engagement
  Graduate Division
  Silicon Valley Initiatives
  UCSC Extension
  Undergraduate Education

Administrative Units under EVC

  Business & Admin. Services
  Campus Counsel
  Information Technology
  Planning & Budget
  Student Success
  University Relations


  Rachel Carson
  College Nine
  College Ten

Key Resources

    Class Search
    General Catalog
  Information Technology
  Library resources
  Maps of the campus
  News about the campus
  People (directories)
  Recreation (wellness)

Notable Things

  50th Anniversary of UCSC
  The Farm (Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems)
  The Arboretum
  Cultural Studies
  Institute for Humanities Research
  Lick Observatory
  Regional History Project
  Santa Cruz Institute for Social Transformation
  Science Internship Program
  Seymour Marine Discovery Center