Research Sources for Students

Research Sources on Comparative and International Politics, focused on Asia

All Politics students should develop strong skills in acquiring high-quality information from the great range of sources that are out there. This is a crucial ability for you to have and that you can use in your academic work, your internships, future jobs, etc. With undergraduate students particularly in mind, I have compiled the following list of valuable sources of material on comparative and international politics, with a special focus on Asia.


To search for books, use the following resources:

Think Tanks and Policy Journals

Academic Journals

Note: You can usually search these publications via their web sites, but to get full-text access you will likely have to go through a library website, like UCSC’s online journal collection.


In using journalism sources for writing papers, the trick usually is to find in-depth, “long-form” reporting that really explains an issue and provides insight. It takes real work to sift through the enormous amount of material out there to find such quality sources. Shorter, garden-variety articles about a news event that just took place can be of use, but a grab bag of such “day stories” does not make for a good paper.

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